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98-Y-O said she was not raped

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An elderly pensioner has come out to claim that reports that she was raped last week are inaccurate. The woman said that at no point was she raped or any penetration from anyone.

The police last week stated that the woman was the subject of a beating and allegedly raped by a person or persons who invaded her home where she lived alone.

In a statement from the Guyana Police Force today Tuesday, it was noted that the woman refuted the rape claims during intense interviewing.

“The report was received via phone call of an alleged assault. Upon arrival at the scene, the police met the virtual complainant who said she was assaulted. A neighbour (named) told the police that she will clean up the virtual complainant and then take her to the hospital. As such the police left to obtain a medical form and return” the police stated noted.

It further went on to state “While in the process of bathing her, the neighbour said she observed blood on the virtual complainant’s underwear and suspected she was raped”

The police had arrested four persons in connection with the allegation of rape but those persons were since released as no useful information was forthcoming from them that suggested that they had no encounter with the elderly woman.