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Woman who stabbed man was alleged aggressor; Neighbours  

The woman showing detectives the crime scene

Neighbours of 45-year-old Anthony Giddings of Pitt Street, New Amsterdam who was allegedly stabbed to death by his wife on Friday, have since made it clear that the accused was the aggressor in a fight which led to the man’s demise.

One woman who asked for her identity to be withheld disclosed that it was nothing new for the couple to have misunderstandings which would eventually lead to fights.

The woman explained that on one occasion the accused, who is said to be a patient at the New Amsterdam Psychiatric Hospital, had even set the victim’s home on fire, with him inside following an argument.

However, the accused told the police that she and Giddings shared an intimate relationship and that they had been living home for the past four years during.She alleged that he had been abusive to her to the extent that he had broken her arm.

A youth in the area who described the deceased as a quiet individual disclosed that only last month the accused stabbed Giddings to the neck for which he received nine stitches.

Father of the deceased, Ubert Giddings, said “I know he and the girl does live there and they always nagging, fighting all on the road so is not nothing that I aint know about with them and they fighting he don’t live or come at me because of his behavior or he can’t come at me ..i got the message at about 4 this morning and when I come nobody was around.”

He said he visited the police station where he provided additional information and left.

Regarding previous allegations of abuse against the woman by the deceased, the victim’s father explained that he had no knowledge of those incidents.

“I wouldn’t be afraid to tell you because as I told you both of them always fighting all over the place and the people said last night them deh pon the road one with a wood and one with a knife,” he added.

The accused was taken to the scene where she detailed what took place to investigators.

At the scene, a trail of blood could be seen from the yard where the accused and victim reside along the road to several houses away.

Investigations are ongoing.