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Woman/son walk free as police fails to prove wound case

Woman/son walk free as police fails to prove wound case

After the police dragged a woman and her son before the courts to answer wounding charges which stemmed from a fight between the boy’s mother and another woman, a magistrate today send the mother and son home after dismissing the case against them.

The wounding Charge was brought against Fiona Rodrigues and her son who were accused of wounding Ann Narine back in 2019 when she, Ann showed up at the home of Rodrigues to meet Rodrigues husband. The matter was dismissed by Magistrate Dylon Bess.

Fiona Rodrigues and her son initially pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleged that they wounded Ann Narine on January 5, 2019, at Blygezight Gardens, Greater Georgetown, where Ann showed up.

Magistrate Bess today ruled that the prosecution was unable to provide sufficient evidence against accused. Accordingly, he dismissed the charge against Rodrigues while informing them that they were free to go.

It was reported that on the day in question, Narine went to Blygezight Gardens at the home of Rodrigues with the hope of meeting her (Ann’s former fiancé).

Reports said that Narine was severely beaten and relieved of some articles, including a large quantity of cash. The injured woman was treated for bite marks and multiple lacerations that required stitches at a private city hospital.

The matter was reported to the Police station and following an investigation, Rodrigues and her son were arrested and prosecuted. Throughout their trial, they were represented by Attorneys-at-Law Bernard DaSilva and Latchmie Rahamat.


Caption: Fiona Rodrigues and her son, Emanuel Barker