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Woman receives thrashing over alleged ‘scandalous’ fake Facebook Profile

Woman receives thrashing over alleged 'scandalous' fake Facebook Profile

The victim with her head injuries 

A young mother of two (only name given is Devika) is seeking justice after she was savagely beaten by another woman on Monday last, just after noon, at #58 Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

The 29-year-old victim was on her way to a seamstress to alter some curtains when she was attacked by the woman, named Lalita, who is alleging that Devika has been making a number of social media accounts and using them to scandal her name across the internet.

Devika, who suffered a gaping wound to her head, noted that she was walking through the street when Lalita began cursing her loudly on the roadway. She said she then entered a yard and there was an argument between the two. However Lalita became furious and made her way into the said yard with Devika and they scrambled each other.

Woman trashes another another over alleged scandalous fake Facebook profile
The woman after seeking medical attention

“She scrambled me and I did the same to her, but then her daughters came and they hold me down and start digging my ears and face; they pull out my hair and they beat me. Because it was three of them against me alone, I couldn’t do much.”

The woman stated that Lalita continued assaulting her and she picked up a cutlass and chopped her directly on the head inflicting severe injuries. Devika further stated that she was covered in blood and was in excruciating pain.

“The seamstress lady come out and help part the fight a little, and she told me to rush to the hospital because I was bleeding bad from my head. She took a sheet and give me to wrap my head so that the blood can stop flowing so heavily.”

She said her family was informed of the incident and they immediately rushed to her aid. She was taken to the hospital where she received a number of stitches.

Devika is hoping for a thorough probe into the matter, as she is afraid of another senseless attack from the woman. She then added that when she visited the Springlands Police Station she was told to wait for hours for a statement to be taken from her.

“I was there in pain, because I had just returned from the hospital and the police told me wait. I told them I can’t wait longer, and one of them told me that I have to endure pain to get justice. Over four hours I was there before heading to the #51 Police station, and they took my statement and allowed me to go after I explained my situation to them.”