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Woman kills abusive partner in New Amsterdam

DEAD Dead is 45 year old Anthony Giddings (in orange)
A New Amsterdam woman has been arrested in connected with the murder of her boyfriend who she stabbed two times to the chest at their Pitt Street New Amsterdam Home this morning.
Dead is 45 year old Anthony Giddings called Big Head of lot 14 Pitt Street New Amsterdam.
According to information received, at about 1:30 hours, the deceased and the accused had a misunderstanding over a lighter to smoke weed when he armed himself with a knife and threatened to kill the woman.
However a scuffle ensued between the two and the woman managed to take away the knife from him  and stabbed him twice.
The accused told police that she suffered years of abuse at the hands of the man who she shared an intimate relationship but who would get more abusive when he drinks.
She related that Giddings would assault her numerous times and even in public.
BIG Smith News Watch understands that the deceased even broke the arm of the woman once.
She recalled that she and Giddings were at home  when he asked her for a lighter to smoke and she told him she doesn’t have any and he became annoyed.
The argument started and he pulled a knife from his waist and threatened to stab her ten times.
She then ran out onto the road where they started to fight and she took away the knife and dealt him two stabs to his left side chest which immediately started to bleed.
Upon seeing this she ran to the Central Police Station and made a report.
Anthony was then rushed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor and later pronounced dead.
The police conducted a search of the area and recovered  a wooden handle knife at the scene.