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Woman arrested for ordering hit on her ex-boyfriend’s wife


A persistent woman Ann Narine who has reportedly made three approaches to three different individuals to carry out a hit on the wife of her ex boyfriend is now in custody.

Her arrest came after the hitman who was approached to execute Feona Rodrigues turned the plan upside down by going to his intended target with the information and the police were subsequently contacted.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that Rodrigues told the police of repeated efforts of Narine to have her killed and harmed.

She related to the police that there were at least two other occasion where she was informed that persons were hired to take her and her family out.

“I am here for f*&king Feona’s husband, a visibly upset ex-girlfriend Anni Narine said in front of the ex-partner’s house back in 2019 when she showd up and created a rocus promoting Feona to head outside in a bit to secure their vehicle less the irate woman damage it.

“I opened the gate, I started walking and didn’t look in her direction or anything but she was  ccursing and going on and calling me names. I just jumped in my husband’s vehicle, and I saw her come running towards me, and instead of me pressing the close button, I pressed the unlock button.”

The woman managed to get into the vehicle and repeated pleads by Feona to the woman for her to exit the vehicle did not help.

“this is my main vehicle, and I am not going to jump out.” said Narine and a scuffle then ensued.

“She went to the police and claimed that myself, my son, my brother-in-law, and nephew when she came outside looking for her fiance – which is my husband that we just charged to her and started beating her,” Feona told Big Smith News Watch.

Subsequently, Feona, her nephew, son, and brother-in-law were all arrested and that matter is currently in court.

“I made a report with the whole scuffle, and there were two persons there who assaulted me in the matter, and when they left, I went to Kitty Police Station, and I wanted to make a report, and they said the matter is not within their jurisdiction.”

She then went to Prasad Nagar Police Station and made her report. The following day while in the shower, Feona got some unexpected news.

Police from Kitty Police Station – the same station she which claimed the matter is not within their district were now at her house to effect an arrest.

“I didn’t know at the time that I was seriously injured, but I started to get a headache, a police took us to the hospital and I had to do an X-ray along with other tests. The X-ray came back showing I had a spine injury.”

According to Feona, Inspector Harvey told her that she needed to go down to the station to sign some documents. But when she got there, she was placed on the bench.

She was told that her husband’s ex-partner was so ill that she was at a private healthcare institution. However, calls to the institution revealed that the woman had a routine check-up and was sent home.

“I have been hearing that she is planning a hit on me with several persons. They sent a message to my husband saying that if we end the story, she wants a 1 million dollar from each person.”

Feona added, “We didn’t respond to her threat, but I didn’t take it seriously because I said maybe she just wanted to threaten and for us to pay,” Feona said.

The worried woman said that in 2020, she and her husband were out having drinks with some friends when an individual approached them.

The individual told them that “the said young lady approached another individual saying that if they got somebody to kill me and get me out of the way, they would get [Feona’s husband] back and get access to his money.”

Feona relayed to this publication that she went to the Brickdam Police Station but was told that she needs to make a report at the Police Headquarters.

She noted that she went and made the report, but nothing came out of the matter.

“Even persons who [ex-woman] brought to my home on the night of the whole incident came forward and said she threatened them, and they made a report to the Police Headquarters.”

Two days ago, the woman reportedly approached someone to carry out a hit on Rodrigues and that persons shared the information which resulted in the woman now being in custody.

In spite of proceeding, Feona said that she had hired a bodyguard and a personal driver, given that she is fearful for her life. She said that she wants the police to do their job, given that this woman would have come to her house and assaulted her.