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Waitress/ daughter murdered by insecure Cuban National after visiting her brother

Waitress/ daughter murdered by insecure Cuban National after visiting her brother

IN HAPPIER TIMES; the suspect Joel Rodrigues and his victim Tara Krishanran

The police are on the hunt for Joel Rodrigues, a Cuban National who reportedly murdered his girlfriend and her 11-year-old daughter sometime between 20:00hrs on Christmas Night and 21:00hrs on Boxing Night.

Dead are 34-year-old Tara Krishanran and her 11-year-old daughter Larissa Singh.  BIG Smith News Watch on Boxing Night broke the news of the two being found dead with marks of violence in their Lot 14 Princess Street Lodge Georgetown home.

Waitress/ daughter murdered by insecure Cuban National after visiting her brother
The police and EMT on the scene last evening after the bodies were discovered

Police sources indicated to this publication that on Christmas evening, the deceased woman and Joel were having a misunderstanding but much attention was not paid to it as the two were constantly having arguments and misunderstandings.

The dead woman’s father who lives in the same house related that on Christmas Evening at approximately 17:30hrs, he along with his daughter, his granddaughter and the suspect were in the back yard when an argument broke out between the couple which stemmed from the woman visiting her brother in Kitty.

The Father of the deceased said that when the argument started, he left and went into his room and eventually fell asleep. About 20:00hrs on that same night, he was awoken by a noise coming from the back room where the couple stayed. He told detectives that it sounded as if someone was being strangled but he did not check because he knew the couple sometimes fight.

It was shortly after that the suspect came to his room and spoke to him in Spanish and went back to his room, the father of the now-dead woman recalled. The man told police detectives that he still did not check on his daughter of granddaughter as he thought that his daughter had left for work along with Paul and the little girl.

It was not until later in the evening, at approximately 20:30hrs on Saturday night, (Boxing Night) that the father of the woman realized that he was locked inside the house. He then began to check around inside the house where he made the gruesome discovery of the lifeless bodies of his daughter and granddaughter.

His daughter’s body was lying on the bed while the 11-year-old child’s body was on the floor. Other relatives were then alerted and came to the house where they broke down the door to gain access and free the elderly man.

Emergency Medical Technologists (EMT) who arrived on the scene, pronounced the two dead on site. A wound was seen to the back of the woman’s head, her left temple and the side of her face. Her daughter who was found lying between two beds was only clad in a blacktop. A wound was seen to her neck and what appeared to be blood was also seen at her private part. The police also recovered a hammer and knife which they suspect to be the murder weapons.