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UPDATE: Police used Smart City CCTV to trail Harbour Bridge robbers

The Guyana Police Force utilised the Government’s Smart City Cameras to quickly tack down the men who carried out a coordinated robbery at the Demerara Harbour Bridge with the use of guns and motorcycles on Wednesday morning as the bridge was retracted to accommodate ocean going vessels.

This publication was told that after the police received the information about the robbery, the command centre quickly began monitoring the movements of the bandits with the use of the CCTV footage and realtime feedbacks were given to the police patrols on the ground.

The police conducted hot pursuits behind the men which went through several villages and wards. Agricola, North East LaPenitence, Laing Avenue, Stabroek Market area and Plaisance Bus Park were among the areas the bandits led the police before splitting up.

We were told that four motorcycles were observed carrying out the robbery and each of the bikes had riders and pillion riders which bring the total number of robbers to eight.

Loot which was recovered from one of the robbers

The two suspects who were arrested were said to be on one motorcycle together. Calvin Cumberbatch of 70 Castello Housing Scheme was captured while hiding in a dug-out foundation with water inside at Lot 105 North East LaPentience.

He was found in possession of a Grey Haversack containing three cell phones, a pink hand bag, a Female make up kit, a lip glass $ 8,100, two lighters, two cigarettes and a bunch of keys.

One of the motorcycles used during the robbery and which was found in the possession of Neil Garraway

The other suspect, a 15 year -old,  was found in James Street Albouystown with one black motorcycle without registration number.