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Two detained, search on for others as 82-Y-O found murdered in home

Two detained, search on for others as 82-Y-O found murdered in home

Undertakers removing the remains of the 82-year-old woman 

Two persons have been arrested and two others are being sought by the police in Berbice hours after an eighty-two-year-old woman was found bound and murdered in her Tain, Berbice home. This was confirmed by Divisional Commander Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus.

The dead woman has been identified as Chandarie Budhoo called ‘Deyo’ who was found on the floor of her bedroom with her feet and hands bound together. We were told that the woman could have hardly walked and it was not the first time that persons attempted to rob her.

Sadly, however, the woman never made a formal report to the police about the previous incidents as she was fearful of the word getting back to the persons who made the attempt owing that she lived alone.

Lelawattie Samaroo a caretaker, has been looking after the woman’s wellbeing for the past years and said she often visits in the morning to ensure that the yard is clean and to also do some regular chores around the house as the woman is unable to walk and do things for herself.

The caretaker told detectives that when she arrived she noticed the chain to the gate open and the door of the house was ajar. She said that she was hesitant to go into the house and began calling for the woman but go no answer.

As a consequence, she called out to neighbors and the asked them to go into the house and when they went into the building they found her in the position which earlier described in this article above.