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Trucks can work beyond curfew hours to ease day-time congestion

Trucks operators can work beyond curfew hours to ease day-time congestion

The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a public notice permitting trucks to operate at nights. The move is in an effort to ease the traffic congestion during the day and at the Demerara Harbour Bridge.

Speaking with Home Affairs Minister Benn on Thursday afternoon, he noted that the initiative also allows the operators of trucks to operate beyond the covid-19 curfew timings but that does not mean that they are barred from operating during the day.

Trucks that are operating from sandpits, those carrying construction materials, those carrying garbage, those carrying produce from farms and mills to the market and for exports are henceforth permitted to operate at nights, the ministry release noted.

Benn reminded that the decision does not prevent the truck operators from functioning during the day if they so desire.

According to the Home Affairs Minister, if the garbage trucks feel free to do their pickups at nights, that is also most welcome as it would ease traffic congestion during the day as is evident in areas and communities during garbage collection.

Last year, restrictions were given to movements at night beyond a certain time as the state sought to ensure that persons were off the road at nights and in an effort to reduce the issue of social gathering.