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Three on trial for murder of Ruby fisherman

L-R Mandy Sukhdeo (accused), Shereffudeen Nazamudeen (victim) and Rean Ghani (accused)

Three persons including a woman are presently on trial before Justice Navindra Singh and a 12-member jury for the Valentine’s Day 2017 murder of 22-year-old Ruby, East Bank Essequibo fisherman Shereffudeen Nazamudeen, also known as “Sheriff”.

Those on trial for the capital offence are Mandy Sukhdeoher father, Surendra Sukhdeoand their neighbour Rean Ghani.

Upon their arraignment, they pleaded not guilty to a murder indictment presented against them by State Prosecutor Tiffini Lyken.

The three murder accused are being represented by Attorneys-at-Law Nigel Hughes and Khemraj Ramjattan.

According to media reports, Nazamudeen was beaten to death with several pieces of wood after he allegedly attempted to snatch a handbag belonging to Mandy Sukhdeo.

Based on reports, Many Sukhdeo was walking along the Ruby Access Road when she was confronted by Nazamudeen, who she knew.

It is alleged that the man attempted to snatch her shoulder bag and a scuffle ensued. The woman called out to her father, who along with another man went to her rescue.

After learning that Nazamudeen was armed with a piece of wood, they reportedly also similarly armed themselves.

They then dealt the man several lashes about his body including his face and tied his hands.

By the time Police arrived at the scene, Nazamudeen was motionless. 

The Sukhdeos were arrested shortly after the incident, while Ghani was detained the next day after he was implicated by villagers.