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Taxi driver feared dead as boat to Wakenaam capsizes

Taxi driver feared dead as boat to Wakenaam capsizes

One person is missing and feared dead, after a boat making its way to Wakenaam Island, Essequibo capsized on Thursday evening, there were three occupants in the boat including a businessman at the time of the tragedy.

Information reaching this publication suggests that the small boat departed Supendaam Creek at approximately 21:00hrs Thursday night for Wakenaam Island when tragedy struck and a taxi driver whose name was only given as ‘Chico’ went over board and was never found.

BIG Smith News Watch learnt a Businessman from Good Success, Wakenaam whose name was given as Dara and his friend Danan also of Wakenaam along with ‘Chico’ were the occupants in the boat at the time when it was hit by a towering wave. That impact caused the boat to capsized according to our information received.

Initially after the boat capsized, it was Dara and Chico who were missing but after work of the tragedy was reported, a search party immediately moved to the area and combed the area and rescued Dara. The search up to noon today continued for ‘Chico’.