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Supernatural force reportedly kills man while another escapes

Woman takes her life after checking into short-time hotel

The police in Region 5, West Coast Berbice are reportedly dealing with the supernatural killing of a 61-year-old Abdool Bashir of Lot 4 Sheiltown, West Coast Berbice.

BIG Smith News Watch was informed that the man was at the time drinking along with his ex- son in law when a ball of fire mysteriously came flying through the door, landed on the wall of a shack and engulfed the entire structure. The ex- son-in-law was able to run from the burning shack.

The ex-son in law Dharmendra Ramrattan called Jonsie told the police that the incident took place sometime around 21:30hours on Saturday evening at a camp in Vanbetta Backdam, West Bank Berbice. It was reported to the police on Sunday morning.

โ€œA ball with fire came through the camp door and hit the wall and a big fire started to blaze. I run out from the camp leaving him in there and he started hollering for help and I ran away calling for help but no help ainโ€™t comeโ€ Ramrattan told the police.

When the police visited the scene on Sunday, they were able to gather that Ramrattan is employed as a labourer by a businessman from Cotton Tree who has a cow ranch at the said Backdam.

He has been working there for some three weeks now and was occupying a wooden structure built on a trailer. It was observed that the structure was completely destroyed.

Several pieces of human bones were found which are suspected to be the remains of Abdool Bashir.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that in addition to the cattle rearing, the area is also home to rice cultivation.

The police interviewed Ramrattan and he claimed that he did not see anyone threw the ball of fire into the camp. He also denied lighting the sire. He is was nevertheless placed into custody even as the suspected remains of the deceased were gathered and will be examined.