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Student almost loses foot during school accident

The injury the student sustained from his schoool accident

Alleged slothful action by the Head Teacher of the Diamond Grove Primary School is being blamed for a student of the school almost losing a foot.

On Tuesday, a male student of Grade 6 had a large portion of his foot sliced by a rusty corroded metal sheet that covers the drains at the school.

Head Teacher Tessa Fernandes has been asked repeatedly by parents of students attending the school to have the ministry or the region remedy the issue before someone is hurt.

Today, the student reportedly stepped on one of the coverings which gave way causing his foot to be sliced. When this publication contacted Head Teacher Tessa Fernandes for a comment on the matter, she disconnected the call and refused to accept further calls.

After the incident, the child was taken for initial medical attention at the Diamond Hospital.

This publication was told that recently, the school held a ‘Market Day’ where students brought things to sell the funds from that event is said to be going towards the replacement of the corroded media drain coverings around the school.