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Street brawl by adult males leave one dead, another hospitalised

DEAD: Aubrey Baird
The body of 40-year-old Clothes Vendor Aubrey Baird lays in a morgue while Bryan Matterson 46 is warded at the Georgetown Public Hospital with injuries he sustained from the hands of public-spirited persons. On Tuesday evening, the two men were involved in a fight over what is so far, an unknown matter.
Police Sources indicate Baird of 22 E- Hardina Street Wortmanville and Matterson of 48 Princess Street Wortmanville, got into an argument just around 21:00hrs and things quickly got out of control, with Baird lashing Matterson with a piece of wood and Matterson in return inflicting at least two stab wounds to Baird’s chest.
When the police arrived on the scene an elderly man reported what he witnessed at the time of the incident. He claimed that he was watching through his window while doing some chores and noticed that the two men were fighting.
He further reported that he came out of his house and by that time, both men were in the trench as they continued fighting with each other.
After stabbing Barid, Matterson reportedly jumped onto his bicycle and attempted to ride away but was apprehended by public-spirited persons who reportedly beat him before handing him over to the police when they arrived.
Baird’s son and another man assisted in removing him from the drain and escorted him to the hospital where he was admitted but died while receiving medical attention.
The police are continuing their investigations into the matter even as Matterson remains under guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital.