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Stan Gouveia/ Mark Ramotar to head police PR Department

Broadcaster Stan Gouevia and former Editor in Chief of the Guyana Chronicle Newspaper Mark Ramotar are tipped to head the Guyana Police Force Public Relations Department.

BIG Smith News Watch has been able to confirm this bit of information from senior operatives close to government who described the move as one to re-brand and rebuild the image of the Guyana Police Force.

At the moment, the Guyana Police Force PR department is headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police Andries Junior.

Ramotar will head the unit while Gouveia will serve as his deputy.

It is unclear how the new arrangement will work out given that police men and women are generally not inclined to take instructions from civilians and with the entire set of the operations of the force, police men in command positions will be required to work along with the civilians, Mark and Stan.

There are suggestions that the two might be sworn as supernumerary ranks which would mean they will be regarded as and referred to an officers of the force… possibility exist that they can be sworn as high up as Senior Superintendents.

The Guyana Police Force PR department has over the years suffered intense bashing for its handling of very sensitive matters and timely dissemination of information to the press.