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Slap on the wrist ‘suspension’ for editor who caused public mayhem/ unrest

Ronald Singh whose service termination was reduced to a mere suspension 

Ronald Singh, the Editor in Chief of Guyana Daily News will soon be back on his job soon on a full-time basis.

While the entity publicly stated initially that Singh has been terminated with immediate effect, BIG Smith News Watch learnt that he was actually told to go home and work from there rather than being in the office and then changed their statement to say that Singh was on suspension.

Singh’s slap on the wrist suspension came after the mayhem he caused on Tuesday following an inaccurate report which was published by Guyana Daily News.

Racial hostility, robbery, violence and destruction to property characterized protest actions on Tuesday along the East Coast Demerara which saw a joint service response.

On Tuesday as persons began condemning Guyana Daily News for its role in starting the protest, the entity issued a statement apologizing for the report.

Fake News brings, protest, racial hostility, looting, robbery and violence to ECD
The orginal release from Guyana Daily News Which says Ronald Singh was terminated

The outlet stated that efforts will be made to ensure that such actions are not repeated and that it has terminated its Editor-in-Chief Ronal Singh with immediate effect.

Moments after that, the entity then revised that statement and announced that Ronald Singh was suspended.

Fake News brings, protest, racial hostility, looting, robbery and violence to ECD
The revised release which shows Ronald Singh has only received a slap on the wrist suspension for causing public unrest and mayhem

It is not clear what prompted the change in action by the company.