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Skeng concert a national security concern-Nat Security Advisor

Guyana’s National Security Advisor Gerry Gouveia on Saturday said that the developments at the Skeng ‘Baderation’ Concert has raised national security concern concerns.

During his Skeng’s performance on Friday evening into Saturday morning during the ‘Baderation Concert’ at the National Park in Georgetown, several gunshots rang out from almost every corner of the packed tarmac.

The shooting caused patrons to scatter as they sought cover as loud explosions could be heard coming from multiple directions simultaneously. The show then ended abruptly.

“Anything that disturbs the peace and break the law in Guyana and affect investor confidence is a national security matter and this certainly concerns me. The people who organized that show will have some serious questions to answer” National Security Advisor Gerry Gouveia told BIG Smith News Watch.

According to Gouveia, the police have been able to recover one firearm after the stampede and all efforts are being made to locate the owner and or the person who was using it during the show.

According to the NSC, he was taken aback at what he saw went on at the venue and the president who on duty outside of the Guyana, has also been briefed on the development.

“I was extremely alarmed, a show like that, you would expect that people would have been screened properly to ensure that people are not taking weapons into an event like that.” Gouveia stressed.

He continued, “To recklessly and irresponsibly fire weapons like that is just unfortunate. It is reckless and irresponsible and the organizers of that event ought to be held responsible and they will be held responsible because they are suppose to be ensuring the safety of people going there. There is suppose to be screening of the people going into that event and so an investigation is launched immediately” The National Security Advisor concluded.

Skeng arrived in Guyana on Thursday ahead of his Friday night performance.