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Roger Khan said no permission granted for his buttocks to be on video

Roger Khan sex tape: Woman provides statement denying involvement/talk about abuse

Shaheed Roger Khan 

Forty-eight-year-old Shaheed Roger Khan has made a formal police report against a 37-year-old woman, over the ‘wild up on me’ sex video that went viral a few days ago, in which Khan was seen performing oral sex on a female.

Khan in his police report told detectives at the Brickdam Police Station that on August 31, the woman and two other females visited his home, and during that visit, he had sexual intercourse with the 37-year-old.

According to Khan, during the intercourse, he observed the woman holding a phone but given the intense nature of their activity, he paid her little mind. The woman then left the room later that morning and a few hours after, he received a call stating that there was a sex video of him circulating on social media.

He said he reached out to the woman, who informed him that her male partner took control of her phone and found the video. She reportedly told Khan that she received a beating and the video was then transmitted by the man.

Khan told the police that he never gave permission for himself and/or his buttocks to be on video, and has since claimed that he is now subjected to cyberbullying.

Meanwhile, the woman is nowhere to be found, and the police are said to be making efforts to contact her in relation to the video, while Khan has already submitted his statement in relation to the matter.