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Serving, ex- GDF members part of Gold Heist

The Guyana Police Force Major Crimes Unit has recorded a breakthrough in the ongoing investigation into the gold heist last Thursday in Georgetown.

Approximately $47 million in gold and cash were taken from the establishment.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that a Sergeant attached to the Guyana Defense Force along other ex-members of the organization were part of the robbery which was engineered by two security guards working at the establishment that was robbed.

Wallison Enterprise was robbed last Thursday after three men entered the office of the establishment under the guise that they wanted to do business.

We were told that on the day in question, the men were given the all clear by the two security guards on when to execute the robbery.

Last evening, the Guyana Police Force Major Crimes Unit swooped down at house on the West Coast of Demerara where the Guyana Defense Force soldier resides and there, a search unearthed millions of dollars buried in the yard. The cash was secured in a bucket and wrapped with black garbage bags.

The police also conducted operations in Sophia. A senior police law enforcer indicated to this publication that the detectives worked tirelessly throughout the night the bring some level of success to the ongoing investigation.

A manhunt has been launched for other players involved in the robbery even as the police are continuing their investigations.