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Second round of drunk driving caused magistrate to suspend GDF rank’s license

Second round of drunk driving caused magistrate to suspend GDF rank's license

A ‘sober’ Keron Joseph walking out of the Court Lockups to make his court appearance 

It was the indiscipline conduct of Guyana Defense Force Staff Sergeant Keron Joseph of 181 Wisroc Housing Scheme (Of drinking and driving) that caused Senior Magistrate Clive Nurse on Friday to suspend the driver’s license of GDF rank.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that Joseph’s license was suspended by the court because this was the second time he ended up before the Court for driving under the influence of Alcohol.

On Thursday the Guyana Police confirmed that Joseph’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) was found to be 100% after a breathalyzer test was conducted.

Joseph was seen on video along with others harassing and assaulting a police constable who was at the time attempting to effect an arrested after he Joseph was observed violating the road codes.

Once approached, by the rank, Joseph was asked to produce a number of documents that he failed to produce upon request and which according to the law make his refusal to comply with the request and instructions of the police an offense.

Over the last few weeks, there seems to have been a complete breakdown in rule of law as it relates to police officers receiving the respect due when carrying out their duties.
Just three weeks ago, another member of the Guyana Defense Force was seen on Camera beating up on a policeman and kicking him at a checkpoint at the Demerara Harbour Bridge.

There were also instances where civilians and police were also seen on videos squaring off and even getting physical with each other.

On Friday Keron Joseph received a string of charges from the Guyana Police Force which included *Two counts of Assault Peace Officer fined $20.000 or 4 weeks imprisonment.

* Resist Arrest fined $10,000 or 4 weeks imprisonment.

* Indecent Language fined $ 20,000 or 4 weeks imprisonment.

* Two counts of failing to produce driver’s license $ 20.000 or 4 weeks imprisonment.

* Uninsured Motor Vehicle fined $ 30,000 or 4 weeks imprisonment.

* Unlicensed Motor Vehicle fined $ 20,000 or 4 weeks imprisonment.

* Uncertified Motor Vehicle fined $20,000 or 4 weeks imprisonment.

* DUI fined $10,000 or 4 weeks imprisonment.

* Conduct of Driver fined $20,000 or 4 weeks imprisonment.

* Prohibition of Tinted Glass fined $7,500 or 4 weeks imprisonment.

He pleaded Not Guilty to negligently interrupting the free flow of traffic and was placed on $50,000 for trial on 7th January 2021 and his driver’s license was suspended for 1 year.

While the penalties for Keron could have been much stiffer for the offenses he committed, Judicial officers are generally encouraged that when persons plead guilty to their offenses, the penalties could be reduced