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Sandra Brescenio gets bail; scared to return home, NGO provides temporary safe house

Sandra Brescenio gets bail; scared to return home, NGO provides temporary safe house

NOW IN A SAFE PLACE: Sandra Brescenio

Thirty-Two year Old Sandra Brescenio has been able to secure her pre-trial liberty through the generous support and donations of dozens of persons who reached out with finances since this publication broke the story on Sunday about her being in the lockups, unable to post the bail.

Brescenio, a mother of four and who is also expecting another child, was charged with manslaughter on Friday, several days after she defended herself from her husband Clarence who has been abusing her for years. She dealt him a fatal stab during one of her many encounters of being abused.

The Northwest District woman is presently resting at a safe house which was organized by the United Bridge Builders Milssion Inc. an NGO which has been working to ensure that the woman secures her pre-trial liberty. Additionally, Melissa Atwell known as Melly Mel on Social media has also been making the rounds, trying to secure the pre-trial liberty of the woman.

Speaking with BIG Smith News Watch, Bonita Monitque related that a number of persons reached out to her organization to offer help to the woman and once the required funds for her bail was acquired, persons who kept calling with pledge and donation were told that that assistance would now be channeled to the womanโ€™s children and her reintegration into a new environment which is being looked at.

She related that Sandra has expressed concerns about returning to the North West District and as such efforts are being made to accommodate her in Georgetown while all avenues are being explored to see how soon the children may be able to join her.

Already the woman has gone through a preliminary phase of counseling to ascertain and it was during that session that she revealed that she loves sewing but cannot do it very well. The organization will be working with her to ensure that she perfects the skill in order to be able to have an income. Steps are already being made to have a sewing machine acquired to aid in the process.

A number of lawyers have also reached out and based on what this publication was told, a strong team of lawyers is being put together to deal with the legal battles on Sandraโ€™s behalf.

Efforts are also being made to have the woman undergo a medical check-up on Tuesday to ascertain the health of the unborn child as well as the Brescenio herself.

Getting her out on bail was not without challenges as the organization was able to secure the bail and required documentation just in the nick of time before the woman was whisked off to the New Amsterdam Prison which would have complicated the process of her ensuring that her pre-trial liberty was granted.

On the day in Question, Sandra Brescenio was dragged out of a church by her husband who ordered her to cook his food and while doing so, he became abusive, chocked the woman and threatened to throw her into the same fire on which his food was being cooked.

The woman related in an exclusive interview with this publication that while she was being choked by the man, she used a knife which she had in her possession to defend herself.

EDITOR’S NOTE: BIG Smith News Watch would like to congratulate all the individuals and companies who reached out and made good on pledges to assist the cause of Ms. Sandra Brescenio securing bailย