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Quick police and public response results in capture of bandit

The Bandit (In Blue Jersey as he is being escorted down to the Alberttown Police Station in the company of a policeman

A would be bandit had his luck cut short on Sunday morning after he attempted to rob a Chinese Store at the corners of Regent and Cummings Street in the city.

Around 9:30 am, persons nearby raised an alarm after the bandit was seen in a scuffle with the Chinese businessman at the store’s entrance.

A woman related that she was walking towards the corner when she saw the bandit dragging the businessman into the store. “He dragging the man in the store and the Chinee man fighting back to pull he outside on the pave,” she said.

As luck would have it, persons nearby saw what happened and ran towards the bandit who pushed the Chinese businessman onto the pave and ran away.

The bandit hopped onto his bicycle and headed up Regent Street with a public spirited citizen in hot pursuit on a motorcycle. The bandit was cornered in Albert Street and the police were prompt on the scene by that time.

The police arrested him and took him back to the scene where the businessman pointed to him being the man who attempted to rob him.

The victim said he was in the store when he saw the man approaching menacingly. A fight then ensued and the victim sustained a few punches to his face and bruises to his feet.

The bandit was taken away from the scene by the police while the businessman closed his store as fellow businesspersons came to offer words of support.

Persons on the scene were high in praise for the all round efforts of the member of the public who sped behind the bandit on his motorcycle as well as the police for their prompt response.

A number of petty bandits have been robbing business entities and members of the public in recent days. Several days ago four men daringly attacked and robbed a gas station at Enmore on the East Coast of Demerara. The entire incident was caught on CCTV cameras.

On Saturday night police shot and killed two men who were accused of killing young electrician Joshua Denny last week. Denny was laid to rest earlier in the day on Saturday.