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PROMOTION SAGA: Entire junior promotion up for review; Benn request the lists

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FILE PHOTO: Commissioner of Police Nigel Hoppie and Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn has announced that the entire list of junior police ranks which was released earlier this year by the Guyana Police Force is being reviewed.

Benn was at the time responding to questions from the press on the promotion saga within the Guyana Police Force where some ranks who were added to a supplementary list of persons to be promoted, had their promotions revoked had their promotions revoked.

The Minister said he had an early morning meeting with the command of the Guyana Police Force and found that there was some failure to communicate at various levels within the organisation.

Benn also said that he was also been told of cases where ‘bargaining’ was being done in relation to promotion.

“The matter is under some review and we will come up with a fix to the issue there was a meeting with the command of the police force and the matter is under discussion” the Home Affairs Minister noted.

But the review of the promotion is not just confined to junior ranks.. Benn said he has requested ‘all the lists”, an apparent direct reference to the list for Senior Police Promotions also.

The matter of Senior Police Promotion remains a ticklish one as it is presently before the courts.

“I would have to say that I have never.. that I never really had an opportunity and never did think that I would have to ask for the promotion list but I think that it will now also be a feature with respect to these things so that we dont have any discordance with this issue” Benn told the media.

He said the review of all the lists would see a discussion being held with a resolution at the end of it all.