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Primary crime scene in Henry boys murder still a mystery

The primary crime scene in the Henry cousins’ murders is still a mystery.

Investigating officers as well as members of the Joint Services have not been able to locate that scene months after the boys’ bodies were discovered in a West Coast Berbice backdam on September 6th, 2020.

On Tuesday afternoon, the families and their lawyer Nigel Hughes in providing a timeline of the events following the discovery of the boys’ bodies said that the backdam was combed “comprehensively” by the Joint Services.

This was to find an area with a “significant concentration of blood,” Hughes said. They came up empty handed.

The investigators had expected to find a scene to match the severity of crime.

The boys were discovered 600 feet apart from each other but at a location, investigators felt the bodies were dumped.

Hughes said crime had been described as an “overkill” where there was an excessive amont of force used.

The Post-mortem results say as much, they both died of haemorrhage and shock and had their spines severed.

Their bodies including their heads bore massive cuts like carvings.

Some missing items are also adding to the mystery of this unsolved murder, Hughes said slippers belonging to Isiah Henry were not found, abicycle,a coconut peeler, boots belonging to Joel and the trousers he left home with are also missing.

Saturday will mark two months since the bodies were discovered. It was also following their death’s that another teen, Haresh Singh was found murdered.

He died from haemorrhage and compression of the neck.

The police had arrested a number of persons in relation to the murder of the cousins, they released those persons due to the lack of evidence.

The police are now hoping that a $3 million reward will reap information critical to the cases.