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Policemen under close arrest for missing guns

I don’t know why James and Graham are still on the job-Khemraj Ramjattan

As the investigations into the more than 150 missing guns from the Guyana Police Force armory, three members of the force have found themselves under close arrest.

Police sources confirmed to BIG Smith News Watch that the ranks were called in for questioning in relation to the matter and were then placed under close arrest.

The actual badge of rank for those under close arrest was not communicated to this publication but we were informed that similar actions could be heading the way of some other ranks as the probe continues.

The missing guns were first reported by this publication last week and which was brought to light in an ongoing audit of the Guyana Police Force armory.

The missing weapons are mostly small arms but which represent exhibits for court matters in which rulings were already made. There were also weapons that were lodged with the Guyana Police Force for safekeeping.

Over the years the police force was questioned extensively on an audit of the armory but answers to the questions were given.

The force through its former Commissioner of Police Leslie James, Former Deputy Commissioner Maxine Graham were both asked about the many firearms which were seized by the police during operations and if the police force armory was being audited, definitive answers to these questions were never forthcoming.

The two senior officers were also asked if based on ballistics tests on weapons seized if it was ever found to be used in any previous crimes but again, no answers were provided.

The missing weapons, base on evidence in the ongoing audit all went missing from the period 2018 to 2020, the period Leslie James functioned as Commissioner of Police Maxine as Deputy Commissioner Operations.