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Policeman moved to tears as Top Cop demoted 20 ‘recently promoted’ ranks

Additional reshuffling within police takes effect today

Top Cop: Nigel Hoppie

A number of junior police ranks who were listed as promoted two weeks ago have had their promotions rescinded by Commissioner of Police Nigel Hoppie.

One rank who spoke to this publication expressed shock that he can be promoted today and demoted the days after.

“Smithy right now I am crying bro, this thing really hurts alot and it is also embarrassing” a police man told BIG Smith NEWS Watch editor Leroy Smith.

Twenty police ranks had their stripes or in police terms ‘Bars’ taken away on Thursday.

On January 01, 2021, the Guyana Police Force announced the promotion of several dozen police ranks as party of the annual junior promotions.

There was then a supplementary list of persons who were also named as promoted.

It is some of the names mentioned on the supplementary list who had their promotions rescinded.

Contacted on Thursday afternoon, Commissioner of Police Nigel Hoppie said there was a supplementary list which he added to the original list of promoted ranks but he noticed a number of persons he did not include on the supplementary list were seen walking around with stripes.

Policeman moved to tears as Top Cop demoted 20 'recently promoted' ranks
The list of those who were demoted

In a letter seen by this publication and which we were able to confirm came from the Commissioner of Police Office, and subject “Tampering with the police promotion list” the letter stated that the promotion of those ranks were being revoked.