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OP-ED: Just as speeding is unacceptable, so too is cattle on the roadways

OP-ED: Just as speeding is unacceptable, so too is cattle on the roadways

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We should not have to wait for a government/ public official to suffer losses or damage as a result of strays on the road before somebody runs to the parliament with a bill to ensure stiffer penalties for irresponsible cattle and animal owners.

Just as speeding is unacceptable on any roadway, so too is the presence of stray animals on the same roadways. Numerous deaths and injuries have been recorded as a result of strays on public roadways and this is an aged old problem. We almost lost four essential workers last evening and while speeding is reported to have contributed to the crash, there was also a sow, reportedly standing in the middle of the road at 20.30hrs when it should have been in the confines of property of the owner(s)

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As a country we should explore with a view of approving that any person with an interest in rearing cattle should have adequate space (pasture) for the cattle to graze and once found outside of that designated area, the owner or owners should be made to a $5000 for every pound the animal weights. In short, persons should not be allowed and or permitted to have cattle and animals if they have no place to secure them.

In cases where it causes damage to property, the fee should be double for each pound the animal weights. The issue of zoning should also be strictly enforced at the level of Neighbourhood and Village councils.