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On World Teachers’ Day: Manickchand calls for adherence to education standards

Education Minister Priya Manickchandย 

The Guyana Government, through the Ministry of Education, has pledged to provide the requisite recognition and aid to teachers across the country, but has equally reminded that teachers must consistently adhere to the required standards of teaching.


โ€œWe will work to ensure that teachers and teaching are given their due regard and recognition. In doing this, we must ensure that the standards set for the profession are consistently adhered to, and that the teaching service reflects the highest ideals,โ€ Education Minister Priya Manickchand said on Monday.


She was speaking in context of World Teachersโ€™ Day, which is being observed this year under the theme, โ€œTeachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future.โ€


Manickchand said the Coronavirus pandemic, which has forced those in the teaching profession to find new and innovative ways of providing education, has reminded the entire nation of the critical role of teachers.


โ€œThe attainment of our developmental objectives tomorrow, requires that we champion the cause of our teachers today,โ€ she said, promising to secure for teachers the professional standing they deserve.


Leading the mission to ensure that children continue to receive their education, Manickchand noted, are also many parents.


โ€œThis type of commitment and dedication gives me great confidence in our ability as a nation to meet the challenges of reimagining and retooling our education for the demands of the future.โ€


The new circumstances that teachers and children are now facing require the creation of highly adaptive learning environments that are responsive to their needs. Hence, the Minister observed that the system now demands a multiplicity of approaches.


The system also now demands that teachers are adequately equipped with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to be able to effectively deliver.


โ€œAs we provide education through the various mediums available to us, the Ministry is supporting Guyanaโ€™s teachers by providing opportunities for them to strengthen their overall competence in developing content and delivering through multiple modalities,โ€ Manickchand asserted.