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Ogle residents raise security concerns following taxi driver’s murder

Ogle residents raises security concerns following taxi driver's murder

Residents of Ogle and interlinking communities are calling for the removal of a pathway bridge that links Ogle to Plaisance, citing security and safety concerns.

The residents who reached out to this publication stated that for years but more recently, the bridge has been serving as an easy getaway for those who commit petty crimes and robberies in other villages.

Taxi driver Kenrick Trim of Belfield, East Coast Demerara was found murdered near his car in an alleyway at Ogle Wednesday morning. Trim was earlier hired by two men after dropping his wife off at the Passport Office on Camp Street in Georgetown.

Ogle residents raises security concerns following taxi driver's murder
DEAD: Kenrick Trim

At approximately, video footage seen by this publication, shows Trim’s car being driven into the alleyway followed by two men exiting the vehicle. Shortly after, an alarm was raised after the trim was found dead with a stab wound near the vehicle. The men used the same bring at Ogle which the residents now want to be removed, to make their escape from the crime scene.

Friday morning BIG Smith News Watch reached out to Minister of Local Government Nigel Dharamlall who said that he was not received any request from the residents to have the bridge removed. The minister however noted that a letter can be sent to his ministry with the request from those residents who are affected.

Several persons have in the past been victims of robberies, mostly in the Cummings Lodge and Industry area. It is suspected those carrying out the acts would travel to that area by foot or bicycle using the said bridge as a getaway means when they have finished their crimes.

The bridge effectively allows anyone who is desirous of evading law enforcement on foot to do so uninterrupted and away from the lens of the government monitored  CCTV cameras.

Meanwhile, the police are continuing their investigations into the murder of Kenrick Trim. We are advised that the police have also been able to acquire some amount of CCTV footage and even photographs of the suspects and intelligence are being worked on in an effort to bring the suspects in for questioning.