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Office of Professional Responsibility probing Kitty Police Station ranks

The Guyana Police Force on Friday evening announced that it has commenced an investigation of the Kitty Police Station and its ranks over an assault matter where the victim expressed displeasure with the initial handling of her matter.

The investigation is being conducted by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility.

“The investigations were launched following the circulation of a video on social media where the businessman assaulted her and allegedly threatened to shoot her.”, “The OPR has launched an investigation with a view to determine whether all the SOPs were followed by the investigating ranks from the Kitty Police Station.” the release explained.

A 25 year old young woman who is the daughter of a popular and well connected businessman, reported to the police that her father has been verbally, physically and mentally abusing her and the other members of her family for more than ten years.

Her breaking point was last week when her father kicked and slapped her as he usually does but this time, she came forward because there was a video to support her story.

“(OPR) is currently investigating the alleged unprofessional handling of a matter by ranks of the Kitty Police Station as it relates to a young woman who claims she was abused by her father for years.” A statement from the police said Friday night.

The statement from the force pointed out that among the things being looked at will be the course of action the police took when the matter was first reported.

After assaulting and abusing his daughter and even being placed before the court, the businessman was still allowed to carry around his firearms although he reportedly threatened to shoot and kill his daughter.

On Friday night the Guyana Police Force announced that a course of action was then immediately taken.

“In light of the video circulating on social media, the police went to the businessman’s home where he was questioned whether he was a licensed firearm holder to which he said ‘yes’ and a 9mm pistol and a shotgun, as well as matching ammo, were subsequently seized and lodged at the Kitty Police Station with the Station Sergeant.” The Guyana Police Force through its late Friday night statement to the press noted.

The new movements in this matter comes after an explosive interview the victim did with this publication where she detailed the years of abuse she was subjected to by the hands of her biological father.

When the police first began investigating the matter last week, they were told very clearly that the man threatened to shoot his daughter while he was assaulting her. Even with that, the police did not see the need to lodge the businessman’s firearms.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that last week even after the police were told of the manner in which the woman was beaten and based on what was reflected in her statement, when the police filed the matter for court, no charge for the assault causing grievous bodily harm was instituted.

“In the video the victim claimed that she was pushed around by police ranks. “I was very surprised at the way the Police handled my situation…even though they took my statement and assist….I did not feel safe going to the police station as my father knows the police,” stated the police in their statement.

Instead, it was three lesser charges were filed with the court including abusive language. It was after the threat of calling a press conference immediately after court was done if the right charges were laid, that the police quickly got their act and self in order.