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Norton vex over Chronicle headline, Paper says it’s a mistake and Norton accepted their apology

PNC member Aubrey Norton refutes claims that the property currently occupied by Yuri Dominguez is owed by him.

Sections of the media have reported that the property located at Coldingen on the East Coast of Demerara is owed by Norton.

In a statement on Friday morning Norton  dismissed an article carried in state owned Guyana Chronicle titled “Aubrey Norton owns house occupied by alleged Ponzi scheme operator”.

“false, malicious, an assassination of my character, an attempt to create a negative perception of me, to incite PPP supporters to go after me for the money they lost in the Ponzi scheme and to shift focus away from the atrocities of the illegitimate PPP regime.” Is how Norton’s statement described the article.

Norton described aspects of the story as fabrication as he said it is set out to tarnish his character.

“The article’s claim that they spoke to my wife and she said that we were in the living room when some shooting took place is a fabrication of the “journalist”, Chronicle and their political handlers,” the statement read.

“It was a genuine error and and we contacted Aubrey Norton as soon as we discover the error and we apologized and he accepted our apology” Chronicle’s Editor in Chief Tajram Mohabir told BIG Smith News Watch on Friday morning.

Norton said that he owns no property in Coldingen.

“I wish all Guyana to know I live in Plaisance and have no house in Coldingen, and I have rented no one any house in Coldingen,” Norton said.

He accused the PPP of trying to frame him as he said it is no surprise that the article is carried in the state newspaper that falls under the watch of a government minister which he named.

The PNC executive called on the Guyana Chronicle to withdraw the article and to publish a front page headline  apology or face legal action.