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Non-Payment to Doolichand; GPF ask for HP ink, reportedly got ‘imitation’

Non-Payment to Doolichand; GPF ask for HP ink, pastor supplied ‘imitation’

The deadlock between the Guyana Police Force and its Chaplain, Pastor Patrick Doolichand in relation to a payment for service rendered is still unresolved.

Speaking with Doolichand on Wednesday morning, he told BIG smith News Watch that he is yet to be paid for his delivery of ink.

Asked to respond to claims that he submitted what is being referred to as bogus ink being submitted by his company Toners R US, the pastor said that is further from the truth and explained that he supplied to the force, ink in accordance with the contract and tender document.

The Guyana Police Force uses HP printers and as such requested in its tender document, HP Ink and toners from suppliers. The ink and toners provided to the force by Toners R US; (Doolichand Company) reportedly supplied the force with ink and toners which are labeled HP but are not actual HP products.

Last week, this publication reported that the force has been refusing to pay the pastor for the services rendered, the Guyana Police Force for its part, adopted its usual posture with matters that puts them in bad light where they remain silent.

BIG Smith News Watch was told when the ink and toners were delivered back in March, the person at the Quartermasters Store who is responsible for checking incoming stocks was not there.

The items were nevertheless signed and received by another rank but upon the return of the person tasked with verification of incoming stocks, the items were checked and found to be different from that which was requested by the Guyana Police Force and therefore does not meet the required standard. This was then communicated to the administration of the force.

Pastor Patrick Doolichand was then contacted and asked to return and uplift his supplies, he was further advised that he should deliver the specific item requested by the force. It was there that the deadlock began.

Information Technology Specialists also reportedly examined the ink and found that it was not in keeping with the Ink required by the force, Doolichand on the other hand Wednesday morning, told this publication that the ink was checked by IT persons who said it was ok.

The pastor said he has been supplying the force with Ink and toners since 2014 and that he has made close to twenty prior deliveries with no problem.

In March of this year, the force severed ties with Doolichand after he delivered a fiery prayer at the Annual Police Officers Conference where he stopped short of naming some officers of dividing the institution which he said was hemorrhaging.

Within hours after those ties were severed on the decision of the force’s Executive Leadership Team, Doolichand was rehired to continue his service as the force chaplain after the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, President Irfaan Ali said he liked the prayer.