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No more fatalities from Magic City shooting

No more fatalities from Magic City shooting

DEAD: Raymond Lindo (L) Injured Edward Skeete called Pretty Boy

The police are continuing to keep guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital where a number of young men are warded after being shot and injured during a misunderstanding at the Magic City Nightclub on Sunday morning.

Big Smith News Watch has however been told that contrary to reports and rumors in some sections, there was only one fatality as a result of the incident, and that person who was also at the club on Sunday evening died on the roadway.

According to police detectives familiar with the investigation, the men involved in the shooting are from two separate gangs and have been having feuds for some time now when things escalated on Sunday.

We were told that Sunday’s drama began at a wash-bay in another part of the city where a BBQ was being held and after shots rang out there, the organizer of that event asked the men to leave.

They then found themselves at the Garnett Street facility where the situation escalated after they became intoxicated. It was during that escalation that 21-year old Raymond Lindo died from a gunshot wound.

Big Smith News Watch was told that the men who were involved in the altercation are all known characters known to the police.

We were also able to confirm those injured during the incident where the ones who were actually directly involved in the misunderstanding.

The police investigations into the matter are ongoing.