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NIS launches WhatsApp number Life Certificate

The NIS headquarters in Georgetown

Pensioners residing locally and internationally are now able to conduct some transactions without physically visiting any of NIS region offices or consular officers in countries outside of Guyana.

For pensioners who are required to prove that they are alive and have to get their life certificates, they can do so via whatsapp video calls according to the National Insurance Scheme.

Speaking with BIG Smith News Watch, Public Relations Officer of the entity Dianne Lewis-Baxter said the WhatsApp number is an additional option to have persons get their life certificate done in a more timely and efficient manner.

She noted that persons can still approach the Consulate and notary public to have this process done also.

This new service, which was launched on January 15, 2021, would see pensioners comfortably at home using WhatsApp to complete their life certificate.

“You know we have a lot of pensioners who are IT savvy, and they have been asking why we can’t do a Facetime with somebody at NIS and have this done quickly. So, we decided to implement this,” Lewis-Baxter said.

Lewis-Baxter said that this new process is also making the process simpler for shut-in persons and those who are unable to go to the Consulate.

“Sometimes the challenges the relatives have to go through to go to them or to get the documents down to the Consulate is not always easy. So, they can utilize this service,” the PRO said.

The following cell numbers were assigned to this service: 592-623-280, 592-623-2802, 592-623-2803, 592-623-2804, 592-623-2805, 592-623-2806.

To initiate the process, the pensioner needs to have the signed life certificate form and their NIS and Identification Card.

You would then need to take a picture of it and send it to the officer assigned to that pensioner.

The PRO noted that this process would also prevent overcrowding at its office, given that we are in a COVID-19 era.