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New quarrying licenses to be issued to several companies

New quarrying licenses to be issued to several companies

The Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Guyana Geology and Mines Commission will soon be issuing a number of new quarrying licenses.

President Irfaan Ali during a press conference held at State House Wednesday morning made the announcement about the new issuance as he pointed to the construction boom in Guyana which will be fulfilled by the new licenses.

“Guyana has a huge quarrying potential that has been greatly underdeveloped, the extraordinary demand in the construction boom has required the importation of an estimated forty percent of the demand in the last few months at an approximate value of US $10 million.. we can produce this locally” President Ali stressed.

The Head of State noted the accelerating housing program, massive highways and community roads to be developed across the country will also add to the demand by almost threefold over the next five years.

“In order to maximize the local benefits, to create jobs and expanding local content, we are in the process of issuing new quarrying licenses in order to fully satisfy local demands” the President announced.

Meanwhile, in addition to boosting the mining sector in addition to its budgetary allocation, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission will spend some $2.7 billion to maintain approximately 1500 kilometers of hinterland road, repair 40 culverts and build 20 bridges long bridges.

The Ministry of Public Works has also been given a task by the president in relation to enhancing infrastructure and travel along the hinterland trail.

“I have asked the Ministry of Public Works to complete a condition of all bridges along the Linden to Lethem road. The ministry will further design and cost each bridge which will be built in concrete to international standard, these costs will be included in government’s expenditure” President Ali mentioned at the press conference.

Contacted today, Minister of Natural Resources Vickram Bharat told BIG Smith News Watch that the publication of those companies seeking licenses for the quarry operations was already done.

He said the process is now the Environmental Protection Agency where no-objection claims will are to be submitted and once that process is complete, the applications will be sent over to the GGMC for licensing.

Minister Vickram said that there are about five new licenses that will be issued and those will be for operations in the Bartica/ Mazaruni area where most quarrying otentials are at the moment.