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‘Mystery woman’ may be key to finding Reonol Williams and his killer

By Michael Jordan

Someone sent two photographs to me last week.

The scene on the night of the accident and Williams as he lay on the roadside

In one photo, a red Toyota Fielder Wagon is parked on the Enmore Public Road. Besides it, lies the injured Reonol Williamsnow missing for more than 14 days and presumed dead.

The other photograph shows a hire car, HD1975, parked in the same area.

There’s something else in this photograph…and I almost missed it.

It’s a blurred figure, to the right of that hire car.

The individual is reportedly the women who helped the driver of the Fielder Wagon to put Mr. Williams in that vehicle.

At least two eyewitnesses saw her at the scene, but their versions of events differ.

A hire car driver claimed that the woman came out of a minibus after the driver of the Fielder Wagon asked for help in putting Mr. Williams into his vehicle.

But the friend who was with Williams when he was struck down insists that the woman was in the Fielder Wagon.

According to his, she “looked scared.”He described her as a “dougla woman,which is definitely not enough to identify her.

Both eyewitnesses agree that the driver said he was taking Williams to a hospital, and that the car then headed in the direction of Georgetown with Williams inside.

Was she in collusion with the driver who struck down and concealed the victim’s body?

Was she just a Good Samaritan who happened to be at the spot?

Accomplice or not, she holds the key to definitely identifying the driver.

If she was caring enough to assist in placing Mr. Williams in the vehicle, then she should be caring enough to come forward and help the police in their investigation and allow a family to have closure by giving a description of the driver, who she would have seen up-close.


But she’s not the only enigma in this case that seems to be growing stranger by the day.

There’s the claim by the owner of the Fielder Wagon that he was in Region Seven when Mr. Williams was struck down and spirited away from his Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara residence.

He says he learned his vehicle was missing after calling his mom from the Region Seven location.

He allegedly then contacted Cove and John police ranks and notified them about his missing vehicle.

On his return, he visited the Cove and John Police Station. He was reportedly told that his vehicle had been involved in an accident and the victim was dead.

He was placed in custody, but was released on station bail some five days after and ordered to submit his passport.

The driver has suggested that a distant cousin known as ‘Boy’ (name withheld) took the vehicle while he was away.

He claims that while he was out of the area, ‘Boy’ visited his home, spoke to his mother, and left a bag there.

He alleged that when his mother awoke the following day, she saw that the vehicle was gone, and so was the bag ‘Boy’ had left.


It gets stranger. Police found the red Fielder Wagon abandoned near the Guysuco compound at Haslington, East Coast Demerara.

It had reportedly been stripped of lights, mirrors and battery. There were reportedly no visible bloodstains inside.

A puzzling thing, since Williams’ friend had said he was bleeding from the head and face and one of his arms appeared to have been broken.


One major puzzle that police would like to clear up, concerns the direction in which the vehicle was heading when it struck Mr. Williams.

All reports indicate that it was headingwest (coming from the direction of Georgetown).

The owner claims it was ‘stolen’ from his home at Ann’s Grove. This is about eight villages away from Enmore, and further up the East Coast of Demerara.

If the vehicle was stolen from Ann’s Grove Village, why was the driver apparently heading TOWARDS the area from which it was ‘stolen’, rather than AS FAR AWAY from the scene of the ‘theft?’


I have confidence that this case will be solved with diligent police work. Investigators will be seeking to:

Verify all alibis. Phone records will help make or break them.
Locate and question ‘Boy’.
Pick up those who may have assisted the driver in disposing of Mr. Williams. The victim, though short in stature, was reportedly ‘solidly built’, and weighed about 175 pounds. The driver would have struggled to lift and conceal Williams.
Include the Police Canine Division in the search. Scour the ECD backlands, particularly between Enmore and Haslington.
Pull in ‘the usual suspects’ behind the theft of car accessories.
Issue a SUBSTANTIAL REWARD for information that would lead to identification and arrests of the perpetrators and location of Mr. Williams’ body.  

But the public’s input is also vital.

Persons who may have taken photographs of the driver of the Fielder Wagon and the woman who was at the scene should provide these to the police, or share with the media.

They need not reveal their identities.

Individuals who may have knowledge of where Mr. Williams’ body was hidden can also contact the media or the police.

You can contact me on +592 645 2447.

Help us to find Reonol Williams.