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Moraikobai gets $5M water supply system

Minister Susan Rodrigues and other officials take part in the symbolic turning on of the tap

Guyana Water Inc. and the Moraikobai Village Council today delivered to the community, a Five Million Guyana Dollars Water Supply System.

The system was commissioned by Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water Susan Rodrigues.

With the commissioning of the the new water system, several are expected to benefit as it now provides fifty new service connection coming from the distribution mains which is also expected to see the community receiving increased levels of water supply.

Just over one hundred residents will directly benefit from today’s commissioned water system while a Nursery and Primary School, a Health Centre, doctors’ nurses and teachers quarters are also going to he recipients of better water supply in the community of Moraikobai.

In her remarks, Minister Susan Rodrigues noted that the well is serving one thousand beneficiaries and has the capacity to serve another one thousand. Initially, the community was of the view that a new well was needed but after a GWI technical travelled to the area, it was realized that the well just needed rehabilitation.

Minister Rodrigues noted also, that the well is 700 feet deep and assured the resident that there is capacity. The works on the well started back in July after the minister travelled to the community on other business when residents raised the concerns about the supply.

A site visit was then done at the well where the residents were assured after the visit that the water woes would be a thing of the past.

Moraikobai’s Toshao Derrick John in his address regarded the commissioning as another step to development and progress for his community and residents. “we are crossing yet another milestone” he told a gathering under the community benab.

The community leader stated that for years they have been dealing with the water problem and that not all residents were able to get water going to their homes.


Khemraj Persaud, Hinterland Engineer at the Guyana Water Inc. explained that the works done on the well to have it rehabilitated fall under GWI’s strategic Objective.

While the conditional assessment of the project was done in early and works commenced later that month, the contractors worked well within their abilities and means to have the projected completed soonest.

Materials for the work which could have been found in the community were use as GWI purchased same from the village while also employed a number of persons from the community to work along with the team. Khemraj Persaud told Friday the gathering kn Fridays. 

Representatives of the Regional Democratic Council were also present at the event on Friday.