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Man sent to jail for stealing Covid vaccination books

27 Year old Avinash Ramaherwar of Lot 50 Goed Intent, West Bank Demerara was on Friday morning sent to jail for stealing a quantity of covid-19 vaccination books among other items.

Three persons were initially arrested but the DPP only recommended that Ramaherwar be charged based on the evidence that was put forward.

The court heard that on August 23, he committed the act of simple larceny contrary to section 164 of the Criminal Offences Act Chapter 08:01.

The 27 year old is accused of stealing twelve blue covid-19 books which are the property of the Ministry of Health.

He appeared at the Leonora Magistrate Court before her Worship Miss Ali-Seepaul where the charge was laid indictable hence, he was not required to plea.

Avinash Ramaherwar Hence he was remanded to prison until September 09, 2021.