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Man killed; 2 arrested- GPF compassion to grieving persons need urgent improvement

Man killed; 2 arrested- GPF compassion to grieving persons need urgent improvement

The home in which Roy Ross (inset) was found murdered 

Two men were taken into police custody from the community of Swan, Soesdyke Linden Highway following the discovery of 23-year-old Roy Ross’s body in his home located in the said community.

The two men detained are said to be related to each other and were seen late Sunday evening into early Monday morning behaving in a miserable manner according to residents.

A neighbor who woke up early Monday morning to shower, observed that the door to Roy’s apartment was opened, an unusual sight. He decided to investigate and found the man lying in a pool of blood with marks of violence that appears to be stab wounds to his abdomen and other parts of this body.

Described as a quiet person in the community who keeps to himself, Roy was said to be at home when he was approached and attacked by the two men. They had reportedly earlier assaulted another villager and sought to gain access to the home of another resident.

This morning residents told BIG Smith News Watch that after the discovery was made, the police who arrived at the scene decided to engage the two young men who were earlier seen and heard acting in a miserable manner in the community, one even indicating to a woman on Sunday night that “Right now I want to murder somebody”. It was there that the police conducted a search of their home located a few steps from that of Roy’s house and suspected bloodstain clothing was removed from the men’s home.

A cousin of the two suspects related that a resident recalled seeing two persons (a tall and short one) exciting the home of the suspect wearing black clothing. She said the clothing the police removed from her cousins’ home was white.

However, one neighbor contradicted the cousin’s claims and said that among the clothing the men who exited the home were wearing, was white.

Family members arrived at the crime scene but were not allowed to view the remains of the deceased, except for the mother and the reputed wife of the deceased.

We were told that the two had domestic issues and last evening she went out partying while her reputed husband remained at home.

It was communicated that the man was seen searching in his yard late last evening for something with the use of his flashlight.

But it was at this crime scene that BIG Smith News Watch observed the posture of the Guyana Police Force and its ranks which may require urgent intervention. Relatives who were clearly emotionally broken and in a state of disbelief at the development were literally chased out by the police from the cordoned-off area in the harshest manner and with little compassion and consideration for the grief the relatives were dealing with.

While it remains pertinent for police detectives to secure a crime scene to minimize the tampering of and or disturbance of potential evidence, the manner in which grieving or affected relatives of crime victims are treated needs to be reviewed and it is hoped that the Guyana Police Force would address this shortcoming forthwith as it is not the first time that such uncaring traits have been displayed by the Guyana Police Force and its ranks on crime scenes.