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Man found guilty of 2017 murder of 12-Y-O that rocked the nation

At left is 32 year old Hillary Edwards and his victim Leonard Archibald

Thirty-three Year Old Hillary Edwards of Sisters Village East Bank Berbice was today found guilty for the 2017 murder of 12 year old Leonard Archibald.

Edwards was found guilty by Justice Simone Morris Ramlall and he will return to court on February 11, 2021 for sentencing the judge also ordered a probation report on the convict.

Back in September 2017, the nation received a shock when several villages launched a search party for 12 year old Leonard who was missing for a few days but only to find his body floating in the Berbice River.

The child who was at the time of his disappearance was riding his pedal cycle was approached by Hillary who took him into a house, sodomize him and then toss his body into the river.

During interrogation from the police shortly after he was arrested,  Edwards told detectives that after the child became unresponsive, he dumped his body in the Berbice River which is located several feet behind the home where the rape took place.

Following days of searching by a joint search part including relative, police and soldiers, Archibald’s badly decomposed body was found on September 23 at Korthberaadt River which is located about three miles from Brothers Village, East Bank Berbice.

A post mortem which was conducted on Archibald’s remains were inconclusive.