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Man dies shortly after drinking beer

The police in Regional Division 4B on Saturday evening were called to investigate what appears to be an unnatural death of a Soesdyke East Bank Demerara man.

Dead is 49 year old Michael Ramkisson Jaham of lot 83 Soesdyke, EBD.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that on Saturday afternoon, the now deceased man went to a nearby shop to make a purchase. The shop is said to be operated by a relative of the deceased.

It is communicated that when he visited the shop he called for, and received one Beer and a Smalta, the smaller for his 83 year old mother and the beer for himself.

After returning home and presenting his mother with the smalta, Ramkisson ventured upstairs after speaking with his mom briefly.

Shortly after, the woman said she heard a noise of her son vomiting and decided to go upstairs and check on him.

At that point, she found him leaning over the bedroom window and appeared to be motionless.

He was placed on the floor and family members were immediately contacted.

Police sources however told this publication that law enforcement was only contacted about the death three hours after it happened and by the time ranks arrived at the scene, a large gathering of family members were already at the location drinking and mourning the death. They did not provide the police with the bottle from which Ramkisson drank his beer.

The body was then examine but no marks of violence was evident, the body was removed by undertakers and is awaiting a postmortem examination.