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Man chopped to death by drunk neighbor

In a clear case of being unable to ‘hold his liquor’ an intoxicated Smythfield New Amsterdam resident has landed himself into the hands of the police for chopping his neighbor to death while under the influence on Sunday.

Dead is 40 year old Mark Griffith. Samanda David the sister of the dead man said she left him consuming alcohol and later heard him arguing with the neighbour ‘Smokey’ over alcohol and food.

At that time, according to her, “Smokey” had a cutlass in his hand and she told them to stop arguing to which they complied.

Two hours later at around 17:10 hours while in her home when someone called out to her to see what was happening on the outside.

The woman said she saw and heard the neighbor cursing as he passed their home but she went back inside, however things got heated not too long after that after she returned inside.

David said after she went inside, she drop to sleep but woke up to the calls from another neighbor and when she looked outside she saw her brother in distress.

“I saw my brother in the trench and I thought it was a joke and I said you gonna learn because you don’t hear but the girl keep telling me no no it seem like he got a stab or chop or something because look he bleeding but by time then the neighbours took him out from the trench and had him on the bridge so”

David related that her friend then brought his bus and they rushed him to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was pronounced dead.