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Lindeners block Wismar/McKenzie Bridge in another protest …10 years later

Anti-vaxxers at the Wismar/McKenzie Bridge in Linden

Residents of Linden has moved to block the Wismar/McKenzie Bridge in Region 10 as a sign of protest to government’s vaccination policy which bars unvaccinated persons from access a number of public facilities and buildings.

While government has maintained that it is not forcing anyone to take the vaccines, it has stated that measures will put in place to ensure that those who are vaccinated are not put at risk by those unvaccinated.

Several State Agencies have asked persons who are unvaccinated not to visit their offices unless an appointment is made. Those who are vaccinated would be granted access by showing their government issued vaccinated cards.

A large percentage of the services which unvaccinated persons are bard from accessing by virtue of being unvaccinated, are also available online.

For persons working within these agencies who are not vaccinated, they are required to prove negative PCR tests within days apart as part of their continued access to those agencies. The PCR tests are done at an approximated cost of USD $100. The state is not covering the costs for unvaccinated workers to take those tests.

In Linden, there is at least one vocal religious leader, a pastor who has been calling the government’s policy a force vaccination one which he has been advocating, should be resisted by Guyanese, particularly those within the public sector.

Ten years ago back in 2012, Linden suffered the loss of lives, property and destruction to public infrastructure when protest actions against a rise in electricity tariffs by the Donal Ramotar Government was rejected by the residents.

The resident took the streets and eventually moved to blocking the Wismar/McKenzie Bridge which saw the shut off of supplies to interior locations. The bridge serves as a main source of getting to and from the interior locations Guyana.

As a result, the police and army were tasked with clearing the bridge and the team which was on the ground at the bridge received instruction to clear the bridge, in the process, shots were fired and three Lindeners who are now regarded as Martyrs were killed.

A commission of Inquiry was held into the incidents which lead to the to protest and subsequent shooting of the protesters.

It is now left to see how this new protest against the vaccination policy of the government coupled with the  recurrence of the blocking of the bridge would play out.