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Lima Sands taxi, minibus operators pin fare hike on poor road condition.

Lima Sands taxi, minibus operators pin fare hike on poor road condition.

A section of the Lima Sands road which motorists have to contend with 

Taxi and Minibus operators who ply the Lima Sands to Anna Regina route on the Essequibo Coast, have blamed the poor conditions of the Lima Sands Road, for the recent increase in fare.


During recent interviews with these operators, it was revealed that each fare between the routes, will now attract an additional $100 per trip.


During an interview with the BIG Smith News Watch yesterday, Friday, taxi operators explained that the condition of the Lima Sands Road has worsened tremendously, following the recent heavy downpours.

Lima Sands is an established housing scheme on the Essequibo Coast that has been in existence for over two decades.


The population within the area is believed to be over fifteen hundred residents. The community’s development, however, appears to be mismatched with its years of existence, as it continues to use a loam road since 1995.

When this publication visited the area earlier this week, the road was indeed in a deplorable state. Since there is no drainage on both sides of the road, water had lodge on the road’s surface; creating enormous potholes.


Due to the eroding condition of the road, motorists continue to complain about the hefty price tag attached to maintaining their vehicles. Taxi operators in particular, said that the cost of maintaining their vehicles, has reduced their profitability and that raising the fare seems like the only solution available to them.


“If the road can’t repair, then the only thing we could do is raise the fare, because right now everything expensive, the gas price gone up and the cost of maintaining the vehicle high.” Said one operator.


Another taxi operator, who has been plying the route for the past three years, said, “it’s not that we want to exploit anyone, we know how difficult it can be, right now if you take a special is between $1500 to $2000 for a one-way trip in there. We’re adding on an additional $100 on each of the fare because it’s really difficult to work in that condition on the road.”


During a visit to the community earlier this year, Minister of Central Housing, Collin Croal, had announced that works will commence on the road this year. When asked for an update, the Regional Vice Chairman Humace Oodit, said that a phase of the road, was budgeted for in the 2021 budget. Oodit said that the work will be undertaken by the Ministry of Public Works, and should commence this year.