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JOUSHA’S MURDER: Relative of killer hid him and accomplice from the police

DEAD SUSPECTS: Quacy Jupiter called ‘Ding Docker’ (in blue Jersey) and and David Smith called ‘Burlyn’

A woman has been arrested by the police after she participated in allowing the men to escape from the police.

On Friday when the police received information about the whereabouts of the two suspects in the murder of Joshua Denny they swooped down on a location in Albouystown.

There the police searched a property of a popular businessman who is no stranger to law enforcement and whose establishment was used to help discard of bodies of victims killed in crime wave of 2005 when a death squad operated in Guyana.

It so happened that the police carried out a search at the wrong house but during that process, the woman hid her nephew and his accomplice in her home until the police left then told them the coast was clear.

The police have been able to retrieve video footage to support the information now being released and the woman whose name is not known to this establishment has since admitted that she indeed hid fugitives from the law enforcement officers.

One of the motorcycles recovered from the home the men were in, was reported stolen.

in 2019 Jupiter was charged for robbery under arms and possession of ammunition. He pleased guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison and was recently released from jail.

David Smith on the other hand, was arrested and charged in May if last year for Robbery Under Arms and discharging a loaded firearm.

The men were killed on Saturday night by the police in a shootout after the police received information on their whereabouts and staked out the location.