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Joint Service ranks among priority as more COVID vaccines arrive

COVID-19 vaccines arrive from Indi

Guyana is the recipient of another batch of COVID-19 vaccines; this time from the Government of India.

The vaccines-80,000 doses of the ‘Covishield’ Oxford-AstraZeneca arrived in Guyana Sunday via the Cheddie Jagan International Airport.

The vaccines were handed over during a simple ceremony attended by Prime Minister Mark Phillips, Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony, Foreign Affairs Minister Hugh Todd, and Indian High Commissioner to Guyana Dr. K. J. Srinivasa. The Government officials expressed gratitude for the generous donation.

Dr. Srinivasa hailed the occasion as a momentous one and said that it signifies the depth of his country’s friendly relationship with Guyana.

The High Commissioner said that it also shows India’s commitment to the world as a first responder to crisis around the world.

“This vaccine donation also boosts India’s reputation across the world as an immediate responder to crisis.”

“India donates these vaccines with nothing in demand in return. India is doing it in a spirit of collaboration, friendship, and helping our friends who require these vaccines across the world,” Dr. Srinivasa noted.

According to Dr. Srinivasa, “As you all know last year, we have been plagued with this COVID pandemic which has disruptive, life disruptive economies. When this solution was being found in the form of a vaccine India and its huge pharmaceutical and health care set up got into work to work upon these vaccines and as a result, we can produce these vaccines in a record time…”

For his part, Prime Minister Mark Phillips said that the vaccine will substantially help Guyana as phase two of COVID-19 immunization is being rolled out which will see the Government implementing better ways to deal with the virus.

He said that during phase one, the Government was able to put measures in place to strengthen the Health Ministry to deal with the spread of the virus in terms of contact tracing and treatment.

“Phase two is the vaccination for every Guyanese. If you have the vaccine it means you can be guarded against dying from COVID-19. This is an opportunity for me to appeal to the Guyanese people to come forward and take the vaccine. We have a priority which starts with the frontline healthcare workers, the elderly, members of the Joint Services, and teachers,” the Prime Minister added.

With the 80,000 doses of the ‘Covishield’ Oxford-AstraZeneca, Guyana will be able to vaccinate 40,000 persons since the vaccines are distributed in two doses. The Government is aiming to immunize the population by the end of 2021.