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Imran’s passing a total shock; vaccination status a disappointment-Nagamootoo

Imran Khan, Former Director of the Department of Public Information and Communications head of the A Partnership For National Unity+ Alliance For Change Coalition, succumbed to Covid-19 early Tuesday Morning.

Khan’s death comes days after he publicly thank persons who were praying for his recovery and even stated that he was in better spirits, doing well and fighting.

Reached for a comment this morning on Khan’s passing, Former Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo said the death of Imran Khan is both a great loss and shock.

He recalled meeting with Khan and his wife (who is also hospitalised at the Covid Hospital) a few  weeks ago but that at the time of meeting, he was unaware that neither of the two were vaccinated.

“Well disappointment would be an understatement. My own view on this matter is that you cannot choose to prevaricate, if you choose to be in public life, you have to set an example for the public good” Nagamootoo told BIG Smith News Watch.

He reminded that less persons who are vaccinated are succumbing to covid compared to those who are unvaccinated.

Nagamootoo said he understand the need for everyone to be able to make their own choices but pointed out that people in the public domain would have to act in a way to protect those around them.

“I had no idea that Imran was not vaccinated neither his wife… I had no idea whatsoever and when I heard that he was not I was shocked, that was my first surprise and I thought that in this situation how come someone of Imran’s stature and Tammy (Imran’s Wife) who worked with me would choose not be vaccinated and that was the missing link when he told me he had a flu some 14 days ago” Former Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo told BIG Smith News Watch on Tuesday morning.

Imran Khan’s death ads to a list of public personalities who have succumbed to the virus over the last the few months.

There continues to be vaccine hesitancy on the part of some Guyanese.

However there are those who are willing to be vaccinated but there is a very large percentage of Guyanese who have received their first dose of various vaccines but have been waiting months for their second doses as government seems to be having issues with on-time deliveries of the vaccines from overseas.