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Illegal landing at Mahdia might be drugs related- Gov’t official

The aircraft at an airstrip in Madhia Region 8 on Thursday evening.

A senior government functionary has confirmed that the aircraft that landed at the Mahdia Region 8 airstrip Thursday night might be linked to the drug trade.

The two foreign nationals who were onboard the illegal aircraft

The official told BIG Smith News Watch that from all indications, police detectives suspect that the pilots might have dropped off a shipment of cocaine or marijuana at a location within Guyana’s borders.

On Thursday evening, two foreign nationals from Colombia and Venezuela were arrested and detained by the police shortly after they made an unauthorised landing at an airstrip in the remote Region 8 area with an unregistered and unmarked aircraft.

The detention and questioning of men on Thursday saw them telling detectives that they came to Guyana as part of gold mining activities.

Initially, the police took the personal effects of them along with GPS trackers. By the end of the Thursday night, the police had also removed several drums of fuel, a satellite phone, one body camera, a radio set and a small amount of marijuana from the aircraft.

Over the last few months, a number of illegal aircraft have landed at airstrips in Guyana’s interior locations with cocaine onboard.