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Hoppie breaks years-old tradition

Hoppie breaks years-old tradition

Commissioner of Police Nigel Hoppie 

Commissioner of Police acting Nigel Hoppie has stunned his rank and file within the Guyana Police by breaking the years-old tradition by not releasing the promotion list of junior police ranks by Sun-up on New Year’s Day.

There has been no word from the Guyana Police Force on why the list has not yet been released and calls to the Commissioner of Police for a comment on the matter have gone unanswered.

This publication also reached out to the Corporate Communications Unit of the Guyana Police Force in relation to the non-releasing of the junior ranks promotion list but that department, like the rest of the force, remains in the dark as to why the list has not yet been released.

A tradition that dates back to more than a decade and a half was broken on January 01, 2022, when police ranks woke to find that the end-of-year promotion list on which their names may or may not appear, was not released by the Guyana Police Force.

Several police ranks from various levels within force have been reaching out to this publication via calls and messages as they seek to understand the reasoning behind the delay in the list’s release.

Police ranks who have performed well during the running year are usually recipients of promotion along with those who would have written what is called promotional exams in order to fill existing vacancies within the Guyana Police Force at the lower level.